Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Off to Nepal again

Well, as it's become something of a tradition to write a blog whilst in Nepal, this is the start of this year's.

For those who haven't been in touch for a while, this is the news to date. I've been working as an MI Analyst on contract to the Environment and Neighbourhoods department of Leeds City Council for the past 14 months, and finished on Friday. An interesting place to work and a nice team of people to work with.

I'm leaving for Nepal three weeks today, and won't be returning until just before Christmas. So with any luck (for those of you to whom I send Christmas cards), you will actually get one this year because I may just about be organised by then.

You may well be asking what I'll be doing in Nepal this time. Good question, but I don't have an answer to that at the moment. I did apply for a teaching job in Kathmandu, but didn't get it, so I'm going to see what's around when I get there. So I may be doing some teaching, or we're still in the process of building a hotel in Chitwan, so I'm sure there'll be plenty of work to do there. My friend Jill is also going, and has contacts with Oxfam, so there may be a bit of work to do there. So I have nothing planned so it might all turn out to be very interesting.

Watch this space.......


  1. hi Viv, good luck, it must be nearly a week or so before you set off- good trip, take care and enjoy your time away, I'll check into your blogspot, love, marionx

  2. Thanks Marion - not long to go now! I think I'm nearly ready (haven't actually packed yet, but I have piles of things here and there). Still a bit more sorting out to do though.

    Hope you have a good autumn, and hopefully see you when I get back.


    Vivienne x

  3. Whoops - just goes to show that I've forgotten how to do this. I'm not anonymous - really!

    V x